Air Duct and Dry Vent Cleaning Milwaukie

Get Cleaner Air with Air Duct Cleaning Services in Milwaukie

Air Duct & Dry Vent Cleaning in Milwaukie is something that should not be avoided or put off for too long. Dirty air ducts can cause major problems for your home as well as for you and your family. There are many forms of debris that builds up in the air ducts. Our team at Praise Cleaning Services can clean the ducts properly, to get rid of the following contaminants:

This is the most common buildup that impacts your ducts. Dust is a conglomeration of many different things that include plant material, bugs, dirt, pollen, and much more. When these allergens clog up the air ducts, it gets scattered around through the entire home every time the unit turns on.

No one wants rats, mice, or other vermin making themselves at home in their house, but dirty air vents give them the perfect place to live. Bugs could be crawling through your air ducts right now and the air circulating through your home could be the same air that a family of mice is also breathing.

Asbestos was once very popular to insulate homes, but it is no longer used today due to the danger of using it. It has been shown to cause many serious health problems. Even though newer homes are not insulated with it, many older homes still have it in the walls and ceilings. Breathing in asbestos that has been blown through the air duct system can cause asthma flare ups as well as a lung cancer.

This is a major issue that poses a great threat to the health of your family. Molds can cause dangerous reactions in people who breathe in the spores it produces, and those spores are easily carried throughout the home. Mold can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and major illnesses – so it is important to make sure mold cannot invade your air ducts.

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