Carpet Cleaning in Lake Oswego

If you need carpet cleaning in Lake Oswego, contact us. There are some great reasons why we are your source for carpet cleaning in Lake Oswego.

  • Professional carpet cleaners with experience and expertise
  • A great reputation for customer service and wide range of services
  • Professional grade equipment and cleaning supplies.

Yes, There’s a Difference! Professional Carpet Cleaning

The difference between doing your own carpets with cleaning spray or even with a steam cleaner doesn’t hold a candle to the results possible with professional carpet cleaning. We serve Lake Oswego homes with heavy duty carpet cleaners and industrial strength cleaning solutions that can remove stains, such as:

  • Food stains
  • Red wine and grape juice
  • Pet “bathroom” accidents
  • Vomit and other human accidents

Cleaning with professional cleaning supplies and a professional grade carpet cleaner also means that odors can be eliminated rather than being masked. Low-grade equipment and typical cleaners just don’t clean your carpets nearly as thoroughly as professional cleaners with professional-grade tools do.

If you’re in Lake Oswego and need your carpet cleaned due to a bad stain, we can help. We have customers who have carpets cleaned when needed as well as who have us clean their carpets or area rugs on a proactive basis, such as annually as part of their spring cleaning regimen.

Not all companies in Lake Oswego who offer carpet cleaning offer full-service cleaning solutions. In addition to carpets and rugs we can also offer a wide range of cleaning services for your whole home or office.

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