Post Construction Clean Up Gaston

Looking for Post Construction Clean Up Services in Gaston?

Taking on an extensive remodel or building a new home is a huge undertaking. Just when you put the last piece of drywall in place it can be easy to think that your job is complete. However, there is more to do, including cleaning up all the dust that was generated throughout the process. At Praise Cleaning Services, we are committed to providing the most extensive post construction clean up services to residents within the Gaston area. Our highly trained team is passionate about providing you with everything you need to make your new house a home.

Our Expert Team of Cleaners Can Tackle Any Challenge

Praise Cleaning Services has spent years performing a wide range of post construction clean up services to Gaston residents. Our extensive experience with the unique challenges resulting from construction work makes us well placed to provide the most efficient service. Our qualified team understands that you just want to relax in your own space, so we work hard to perform the full cleaning with minimal disruption to your life.

Exceptional Service You Can Trust

Heavy construction can cause all manner of dirt and detritus to build up. From the dust that is generated from work itself to the dirt that is tracked through your house from the workers, it can seem like an overwhelming task to get everything back to how you want it. Our post construction clean up services are designed to tackle these difficult tasks, ensuring not only your floors but your cabinets, cupboards and other surfaces are free from dust and dirt.

Award-Winning Post Construction Clean Up in Gaston

If you are looking for a dedicated cleaning service to take care of your post construction clean up in Gaston, then Praise Cleaning Services are delighted to assist you. We work around any kind of schedule, and can adhere to strict deadlines, so give us a call at (503) 261-3554 to schedule an appointment today.