Flooring Services Portland

Save Money with the Right Flooring Services in Portland

Your floor surface is one of the first things visitors, employees and staff see when they enter your premises. Unfortunately, if you’ve neglected carpet cleaning, or have a dirty, scuffed stretch of vinyl instead of a pristine surface, it’s going to cost you plenty – an unkempt business environment sends out all the wrong messages about your organisation, prompting potential customers to go elsewhere. If you’re a tenant, how likely are you to get your deposit back if the floors of your rented property are grubby and dull? Luckily our flooring services provide a cost-effective solution to your problem, providing exemplary results even on challenging tasks.

Full Range of Residential Cleaning Services

Our blend of cutting-edge equipment and powerful, environmentally friendly products result in premium carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. We are also happy to give hard floors a new lease on life, offering a full selection of flooring services, which are gentle on surfaces yet tough on stains and dirt. If you’re a tenant, our move in/move out cleaning service maximizes the chances of receiving your deposit back and also ensures that you don’t inherit someone else’s grime when you move into fresh accommodation. Many home owners appreciate our house cleaning services and a chance to make use of the air duct cleaning we undertake.

Janitorial Services and Commercial Cleaning Services

Several of our clients prefer an on-going contract with us, ensuring that their premises are kept in great condition with regular flooring services and a schedule of routine maintenance tasks. We are happy to work with our clients to create a customized service that meets their needs. Why not give your office a whole new look with our pressure washing service?

Professional, Enthusiastic and Through

We pride ourselves on offering a great selection of cleaning services, delivered in a professional, reliable manner. Our team is always cheerful, polite and well-presented, ensuring we reflect well on your business when we are undertaking the flooring services you need. If you’re located in or around Portland, call us now at (503)261-3554 to discuss your requirements.