Air Duct Cleaning Beaverton

Residential and Commercial Air Duct Cleaner in Beaverton

Praise Cleaning provides air duct cleaning services for residential and commercial properties throughout Beaverton, Oregon. We also compete dryer vent cleaning, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, upholstery cleaning, and general house cleaning. Our company is committed to creating a healthier environment for the customers we serve by reducing allergens through professional grade air duct cleaning for a long lasting, safe solution.

Complete House Cleaning and Janitorial Services

We offer janitorial services for commercial establishments, and for our residential customers we do general house cleaning which both can pair with additional in-depth services such as flooring or pressure washing. Not only do we ensure our customers are working and living in clean environments, we can also help reduce costly electric bills. Over time, build up in air ducts can prevent air from flowing properly and can eventually ruin your air conditioning unit. We can help you extend your dryer’s life by removing build up within the dryer vent, and provide relief from a potential disaster as lint located inside dryer vents is one of the leading causes of residential fires.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Clean Home

Praise Cleaning Services has a detail move in/move out cleaning, ensuring your new home is move in ready by utilizing our services. Our move out cleaning will leave your former home spotless, and customers can choose additional services such as carpet cleaning and flooring services to maximize on your return of deposit. Choosing us for an air duct cleaner will reduce dust throughout your home, making it easier to clean and maintain over time.

Clean Air throughout Your Home or Business

Our air duct cleaning includes inspecting and cleaning all parts of your ventilation system, whether residential or commercial. By cleaning air ducts, customers reduce harmful bacteria and mold throughout their residences and businesses. This helps prevent allergies, headaches, asthma, and more that can cause your family or employees discomfort. call us today in Beaverton, Oregon at (503) 261-3554 to schedule your next cleaning service, and be sure to take advantage of our FREE no-obligation estimates for your next job!