Tualatin Carpet Cleaning

We offer Tualatin, OR and the surrounding area with carpet cleaning services. Contact us for a quote or to learn more.

Why You Need Regular Carpet Cleaning

Whether you have wall to wall broadloom, area rugs, or a combination of the two, carpets can harbor a lot of dirt, allergens, and bacteria. Vacuuming, even if you have a good quality vacuum, might not be enough. Even people with fastidious cleaning habits are often startled when they see the color of the water that drains from a carpet cleaning machine. The fact is, cleaning carpets professionally at least once a year will have numerous benefits:

  • Longer lasting carpets and area rugs
  • A cleaner smelling home
  • Reduced allergens and bacteria in the home

Adding upholstery cleaning with your carpet cleaning on an annual basis could benefit you even further, as soft furnishings can harbor dust mites, insects, and parasites.

Book a Carpet Cleaning Appointment in Tualatin

We offer extensive cleaning services to homes and businesses in Tualatin and surrounding area. We get great reviews for excellent results and customer service that is second to none. Whether your carpets have been damaged or badly stained, you’ve recently moved into a home and want to know that the carpets have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, or you want to simply do an annual or bi-annual thorough cleaning of carpets and upholstery, contact us. We also offer general cleaning and janitorial services in Tualatin, OR, Beaverton, and the surrounding region.