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Many homeowners never take the time to really think about the air ducts in their homes unless something goes wrong. Is your AC or Heat not as strong in every room like it used to be? Do you smell odd burning smells when the heater kicks on and off? Do you notice dirty tiles and carpeting around your vents? Does it seem to take longer to heat or cool a room or does the system seem to kick on and off more frequently than it used to? These are just some of the warning signs which can indicate that your air ducts needs to be properly cleaned.

If you need air duct and dry vent cleaning in Tigard, the experience does not have to be stressful! Our professional team at Praise Cleaning Services has the experience needed to protect your home from hidden dangers lurking in your vents such as mold or pollen.

Dangers of Mold and Pollen

At first, you may be thinking that mold and pollen in your duct work is not that big of a deal. After all, millions of people are exposed to mold and pollen regularly. However, the danger lies in how much of it can accumulate over time. Some homes can have more than 40 pounds of dirt, dust, pollen, mold, and debris inside air ducts! When your heating and cooling system is in operation, the air that is circulated can carry these dangers throughout your home. This can cause many illnesses and is not safe to breathe. It is vital to keep your air ducts clean if you want air that is safe to breathe.

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