Floor Cleaning in Aloha OR

You have a lovely wood floor that really adds some personality to your home, but with all of the foot traffic it has become dull over time. A dull floor may cause visitors to think your home is unkempt or dirty, and in fact, a worn wooden floor can store dirt and bacteria within its layers if not cleaned properly.

We offer floor cleaning services that can add the shine back to your aged wood! Our floor waxing and stripping services can turn your dull and aged looking wood into something that looks like it was just installed!

  • With our floor stripping services, we will remove the thin upper layers of coating which include dirt, grime and other unsightly stuff including bacteria, mold spores and mildew.
  • We follow it up with our floor waxing services which coat the wood in a layer of wax that replaces what we just stripped off, providing a surface that will soon be given a glass-like finish.
  • To complete the job, our floor polishing services add that sleek and shiny top to the wax and will allow you to slide through the house in your socks!
  • Stripping and waxing isn’t just for wood floors! It can also be used on certain tile and linoleum as well, so be sure to give us a call if you happen to need some TLC on your tile floors too!

We’re not just residential, either! We offer commercial floor waxing services too! If you have a business, medical facility, educational facility or other commercial building in the Aloha OR area that could use some commercial floor cleaning services, don’t delay and contact us today.

We’d be happy to answer your questions and get you scheduled for some commercial flooring services whenever you need them!